Gill Andrews

Fert speediest way, tek clay. Brek i' up reet small

like meal, then sift it wi' a sieve.  Pour in a small

amount of water.  Do this int Devil's name.  Next, mek

a Picture of Clay int shape o' person.  Mek

it 18 inches high and gi'it all 'parts, such as: hands,

foot, head, eyes, nose, mouth an little lips.  Fold its hands

down by its sides. Dry it thoroughly.  It'll look like

a loaf, or a flayed suckling pig.

                                            Then, if what tha'd like

is fert person to be sickly - Tek a Thorn and prick that part

o'Picture tha wishes to be sickly.  Or, if tha wants any part

o'Body to consume away - Burn that part o'Picture away.

Or, if tha wants the 'ole Body to consume away,

tek the 'ole Picture and burn it, letting 'fire die.

And so thereupon by that means, that Body shall die


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